Charity bin being used as dumping ground … again

Instances of St Vincent de Paul volunteers having to pick up, sort through and dispose of unsaleable items are becoming more frequent and could spell the removal of the local charity bin.

Gundagai is once again on the verge of losing its St Vincent de Paul donation bin after repeated incidences of people using the bin and its surrounds at St Patrick’s Church as a dumping ground. 

The same problem occurred in 2013, when the bin was located at the top end of Sheridan Street and being used to dispose of rubbish more often than it was being used to donate appropriate items. It was removed in May of that year.

The bin was returned to Gundagai a few years ago and now the charity finds itself with the same problem.

Everything that is donated goes to Tumut Vinnies. The bin is not emptied on a regular schedule, but is checked regularly by volunteers and when full, Tumut volunteers are called to collect.

However lately, instead of collecting good, saleable items for the store in Tumut, the charity is having to dispose of rubbish, which it can ill afford to do.

The bin was located on the grounds of St Patrick’s Primary School but in the last 12 months was moved onto the grounds of St Patrick’s Church.

“What was happening in 2013 is exactly the same situation we are facing now,” said St Vincent de Paul Gundagai Conference volunteer Peter Reardon.

“This has happened three times in about three weeks. It gets taken away and it keeps happening.

“In this latest instance, the bin was actually empty; the items were dumped around it. Now volunteers will come from Tumut, pick it all up and take it back to Tumut to sort out, but whatever is unsaleable, which will be a fair bit of it, goes to the tip, and Vinnie’s then has to pay for the disposable.”

The charity would be grateful if people adhered to the sign on the bin which states that only clean clothing, linen, shoes and toys will be accepted. 

“Also, please put the items in the bin, not around it. We don’t want it to become a haven for vermin, and if your things don’t fit in the bin, please take them back home and try again a week later,” Peter said.

“We are really very appreciative of the community’s support of the charity through donating items, but ask that they just have a think about what they are donating and if you don’t think it’s going to be good enough for Vinnie’s to sell to someone else, please dispose of it instead.

“If this continues, unfortunately the bin will have to be removed again.” 

For further information on donations or furniture collections please phone Tumut Vinnies on (02) 6234 7440.

Electrical items, mattresses, prams, high chairs, cots, bicycles and exercise machines cannot be accepted.


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