Mayor and deputy mayor back in

Mayor Abb McAlister and deputy mayor Dennis Palmer will remain in the council’s top two positions until December 3.

There was no need for a vote, with mayor Abb McAlister and deputy mayor Dennis Palmer retaining their positions unopposed during the mayoral elections at Tuesday night’s council meeting in Gundagai.

The councillors will serve for just over two months in the roles until December 3 as local government elections are scheduled to be held on December 4.

The duo have held their positions since September 2017.

The NSW Government is encouraging people from all walks of life to run for election to their local council on December 4.

For anyone considering running for council, information on standing for election and the role and responsibilities of a councillor can be accessed at

Information tabs include: ‘Become a Councillor’, ‘Information for Candidates’, ‘Election of Women to Local Government’ and ‘Stand for Your Community – Diversity Counts’.

The Stand for Your Community Candidate Guide contains comprehensive information about becoming and being a councillor, including eligibility and the nomination process.

This guide has been prepared as an introduction to the role of a councillor and the operation of councils. It is a starting point to help you decide whether you would like to run in the next council election.

The Office of Local Government has also launched a comprehensive online candidate training tool.

The interactive resource provides candidates with detailed information about running for election and the roles and responsibilities of councils and councillors.

It is designed to arm election candidates with the know-how to launch their election campaign and serve their community to the best of their ability if they are elected.

The training tool can be accessed at

Key dates for the 2021 local government elections are:

25 October: Electoral roll closes (6pm)

25 October: Candidate nominations open

3 November: Candidate nominations close (12pm)

3 November: Registration of electoral materials commences

5 November: Caretaker period commences

22 November: Pre-poll voting opens

29 November: Postal vote applications close (5pm)

3 December: Pre-poll voting closes(6pm)

4 December: Election day (8am-6pm)

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