Sign reinstallation marks iconic café’s new chapter

Spectators enjoyed seeing the neon sign…

The reinstallation of the Niagara Café’s neon sign last week marked the completion of the famous café’s restoration.

Beautifully restored by Comcut, an award-winning Sydney based custom signage and engineering company, the sign’s return was the pièce de resistance on what has been a mammoth restoration of the popular café.

Café owners Luke and Kym are thrilled with the finished product.

“The sign looks amazing, it’s just fantastic. Marc from Comcut has a passion for restoring these types of signs and he did such a great job. People have said they thought it was brand new,” said Luke.

While some electrical work needs to be undertaken yet, residents and visitors will see the sign light up once the café commences offering night time dining.

“People have been telling us that they remember as kids knowing that if the sign was lit up, you knew the Niagara was still open, so we think that’s a nice idea,” Luke said.

The newly restored sign was trucked from Sydney last Wednesday and with some skilled work undertaken by National Cranes & Engineering, Tumut, along with some traffic management, it took about half a day to get the sign back into position. 

“They didn’t put the glass letters back in until it was here, so it wasn’t transported with the glass in it. Marc has also taken moulds of all the letters, in the event something happens to them in the future,” Luke said.

After much anticipation, the iconic café has now been open for a little over two weeks and has enjoyed a busy, constant trade.

“We want to thank everyone, particularly the locals. We’ve had some locals who’ve been in here every day,” Kym said. 

“It’s good to see it back as that local meeting point, with people coming in to catch up with friends again and just enjoying the surrounds. That’s what we wanted to bring back and we’ve been so pleased to see that.

“We also feel really fortunate to have the team we’ve got. We are very happy with how everything is going.”

…being lifted back into position last Wednesday. Photos courtesy ipfoto
The café is doing a busy trade now the restoration is complete.
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