G9 tweaks finals plan

Group 9 has updated its finals roadmap, should lockdowns be lifted.

The Group 9 board released five possible options, with a new latest grand final date of October 30.

Should the lockdown end this week or next (September 17), Group 9 would retain a top five finals system, commencing following a two-week training period.

If the lockdown doesn’t end until September 24, it will be a top four finals which means Kangaroos would drop out in first grade.

If lockdowns extend into October, the top four system will be retained, but it will be shortened to a two-week schedule.

A plan to stage a grand final only, without a finals series, has been scrapped in the latest roadmap, although Group 9 pointed out its plan is subject to change and will be dependent on the government allowing community sport to continue. That’s something in doubt, with deputy premier John Barilaro indicating the price of coming out of lockdown may mean things like sport are off limits.

“We would be expecting limitations on crowd numbers and if we are able to return to play we are looking at pre-sale ticketing options in preparation,” Group 9’s statement read. “As discussed our intentions are to Live Stream the finals at a nominal cost to help ensure supporters are still able to enjoy watching and supporting in some format.”

The plan

Lockdown ends September 10

Top five finals

Training for two weeks

September 25-26: Team 2 plays Team 3

Team 4 play Team 5 (elimination). Team 1 has the bye.

October 2: Team 1 plays the winner of 2v3; Loser of 2v3 players winner of elimination final.

October 9: Preliminary final

October 16: grand final

Lockdown ends September 17

Top five finals (as above)

Training for two weeks

October 2 Qualifying (2v3) and elimination finals (4v5)

October 9: Second week of finals

October 16 Preliminary final

October 23: grand final

Lockdown ends September 24

Top four finals

Training for two weeks

October 9-10: 1v2 and 3v4

October 16: Loser of 1v2 plays winner of 3v4 (winner of 1v2 goes through to GF)

October 23: Grand final

Lockdown ends October 1

Top four (express) finals

Training for two weeks

October 16: 1v4 and 2v3

October 23: Grand final (winners of previous week’s games)

Lockdown ends October 8

Top four (express) finals, with grand final on  October 30


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