Gundagai netballers close off rep season in Yass

Gundagai’s under 11s representative netballers Sophie Graham, Tessa Crowe, Charlotte McDonnell and Emmy Gaskin closed off their representative netball season on Sunday.

Playing for the Tumut Netball Association under 11s representative development team, the four girls joined their Tumut teammates and the under 12s representative team in Yass, playing against Yass Blue, Yass White and Temora. 

While not winning the competition, the Karen Cobden-coached team played well. 

Tessa Crowe was a ball of energy in defence, making multiple intercepts, while Sophie Graham played well at centre and wing attack, with the pocket rocket one of her side’s best. 

Emmy Gaskin was good in attack, sinking some nice goals and Charlotte McDonnell was versatile, playing all over the court, while making an impact in close challenges. 

This competition brings to an end to the girl’s representative season, with their focus now shifting to club netball.

Little Tigers shine in netball

Round seven of the Tumut Netball Association winter competition commenced on Saturday with an entertaining division five game at the Margaret Butler Complex. 

Fergies Purple Thunder defeated Live Wires and Tigers won on forfeit. 

Best and fairest were Georgie Pentland and Abbie Crawford.

The Canteen awards for Divisions 6 and 7 went to Halle Wells, Molly Moy and Indiana Oberholzer.

In the Division 4 games, Sparkles defeated Hot Sparks, Goodes 12s knocked off Strikers and Elliotts’ 11s accounted for Tiger Lillies, while Cool Rainbows had the bye.  

Most valuable player were Hannah Hood, Selena-Rose Bower, Ellie Cobden and Sophie Graham.

The Gym Buddies were too good for Tiger Magic, Murrays 13s defeated TPH Aces and Snowy Owls beat Club Tumut 14s in Division three games.  

Most valuable players were Hannah Hood, Jecayla Coe, Sophie Ciganek, Mahayli Makeham, Missy Ryan and Gypsy McDonnell.

In Division two games The Chalkies defeated McFlurries and Batlow RSL won on a forfeit.

Karina Hamilton and Makayla Allen were best on court for their teams.

In division one netball, Royal defeated DME 15s 48-21 to move to third place, while Dividers and Talent Time won on forfeit and Bowlie had the bye.  

Most valuable players were Brooke Carruthers and Kaitlyn Breed.

Round eight kicks off on Saturday and umpires are reminded, if they can’t do their umpiring, please find a reliable and competent replacement.

Also, please remember there are to be no dogs, scooters, bikes or skateboards on the courts. 

Round 8 draw 

9.30am: Court. 2: Div. 5 Fergies Purple Thunder vs Tiger Pride (Lily Webb/Eadie McKay); Court. 3: Div. 5 Live Wires vs The Unicorns (Amelia Baker/Zoe McKay).

10am: Court. 1: Div. 7 Tiger Cubs vs Gemstones; Court. 4: Div. 6 Tigeriffic vs Cherry Bombs; Court. 5: NSG Skills.

10.30am: Court. 1: Div. 7 Tiger Cubs vs Sparkle Sisters; Court. 3: Div. 4 Cool Rainbows vs Strikers (Mahayli Makeham/Jess Martin); Court. 4: Div. 6 Tigeriffic vs Cherry Bombs; Court. 5: NSG Skills.

11am: Court. 1: Div. 7 Sparkle Sisters vs Gemstones; Court. 4 Div.6 AKD Stars vs Cherry Bombs.

11.30am: Court. 1: Div. 4 Goodes Coaches 12s vs Hot Sparks (Lily Webb/Sophie Ryan); Court. 3: Div. 3 Club Tumut 14’s vs Gym Buddies (Dana Parry/Darnah Makeham).

12.30: Court. 1: Div. 4 Elliott’s 11s vs Sparkles (Eadie McKay/Jazz Crampton); Court. 2: Div. 3 Tiger Magic vs TPH Aces (Jodie Hamilton/Taylor Gorman) Court. 3: Div. 1 Crampton’s 17s vs DME 15s (Kay Dodds/Tess Courtney).

1.30pm: Court. 1: Div. 2 Little Possums vs The Chalkies (Tazmin Makeham/Aysha Perrin); Court. 2: Div. 3 Snowy Owls vs Murrays 13s (Olivia Dean/Kieara Clarke); Court. 3: Div. 1 Bowlie vs Talent Time (Courtney Dodds/Chloe Turnbull).

2.30pm: Court. 1: Div. 2: Batlow RSL vs McFlurries (Anna Smart/Mahala O’Connell); Court. 3: Div. 1 Carve It Up vs Royal (Gemma Delany/Ella Day).

Bye teams: Tiger Lillies (Div. 4), The Dividers (Div. 1).

Canteen Roster: 10.30am: Gemstones; 11.30am: DME 15s; 12.30pm: Goodes 12s; 1.30pm: Crampton’s 17’s.

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