Sport on hold for at least another fortnight

A full finals series remains an option for Group 9, despite the extension of the state-wide lockdown yesterday.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced that regional NSW would remain in lockdown until at least midnight on Friday, September 10.

Under a Group 9 roadmap released last week, which is yet to be set in stone, the competition would still play a top five finals series from September 25, after a mandatory two-week training period once the lockdown ends.

Should the lockdown extend any further however, the Group will examine the prospect of reducing the finals series.

Should it go an additional week, a top four will be in place, which still puts the fourth-placed Tigers in the picture in first grade.

It’s only once the lockdown extends into the latter stages of September 25 that the Tigers would miss out.

While the board has released a roadmap, nothing is yet confirmed, with president Andrew Hincliffe indicating the clubs would meet, and players consulted, before the rest of the season’s schedule is locked in.

As it stands, the grand final would be played October 17.

Meanwhile, the Group 9 junior rugby league appears unlikely to stage its finals, under guidelines released last week. The JRL indicated the team that is on top of the ladder would be declared the premiers should lockdowns continue until about September 12.


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