The Chalkies maintain winning run

Evelyn Symons makes a good catch.

Round five of Tumut Netball Association’s Winter Competition tipped off with division five games being played on Saturday. 

In a good start to the day, Fergies Purple Thunder defeated Tiger Pride and The Unicorns defeated Live Wires. 

Most valuable players were Callie Thornton, Eliza Graham, Willow Brown and Lucy Krause.

The Canteen awards for Divisions 6 and 7 went to Juliet Kerr, Alexis Salmon, Tigerlily Hanson, Claire Kingma, Elijah Woodman and Brydee Roots. 

In the Division 4 games, Cool Rainbows were too good for Sparkles, Strikers defeated Tiger Lillies and Elliott’s 11s won on a forfeit. 

Goodes Coaches 12s had the bye.  

Best and fairest players were Lydia Salmon, Georgia Frowd, Chloe Salter and Sophie Graham.

The Gym Buddies knocked off Murrays 13s, TPH Aces won against Snowy Owls and Tiger Magic won on a forfeit in Division 3.   

Most valuable players were Kaitlyn Breed, Sophie Ryan, Anisha O’Brien and Missy Ryan.

In Division 2 games, The Chalkies maintained their perfect start to the season when defeating Little Possums and Batlow RSL won on a forfeit.

Most valuable players were Karina Hamilton and Makayla Allen.

In division one, Talent Times defeated The Dividers, while Bowlie and Carve it up won on forfeits.

Crampton’s 17s had the bye. 

Best and fairest players were May Roche and Sophie Buckingham.

Players, parents and spectators are reminded that there are to be no dogs, scooters, bikes or skateboards at the courts on Saturday. 

Also, for umpires, if you can’t do your umpiring, please find a reliable and competent replacement.

Round 6 draw

Gracie Carney looks to pass the ball.

9.30am: Court 2: Division. 5  The Unicorns V Fergies Purple Thunder (Sophie Webb/Dana Parry); Court 3: Division. 5 Live Wires V Tiger Pride (Zoe McKay/Meg Parry)

10am: Court 1: Division 7 Sparkle Sisters V Tiger Cubs; Court 4: Division 6 Cherry Bombs V Tigeriffic; Court 5: NSG Skills.

10.30am: Court 1: Division 7 Sparkle Sister V Gemstones; Court 3: Division 4 Sparkles V Strikers (Molly Webb/Lily Webb); Court 4: Division 6 Cherry Bombs V AKD Stars; Court 5: NSG Skills.

11am: Court 1: Division 7 Gemstones V Tiger Cubs;  Court 4: Division 6 Tigeriffic V AKD Stars.

11.30am: Court 1: Division 4 Hot Sparks V Tiger Lillies (Cybella Roddy/Jess Martin); Court 3: Division 3 Murrays 13s V Club Tumut 14s (Jodie Hamilton/Taylor Gorman).

12.30pm: Court 1: Division 4 Goodes 12s V Cool Rainbows (Mahayli Makeham/Jazz Crampton); Court 2: Division 3 TPH Aces V Gym Buddies (Molly Webb/Dana Parry); Court 3: Division 1 Royal V Talent Time (Lily Webb/Tazmin Makeham).

1.30pm: Court 1: Division 2 Little Possums V McFlurries (Tash Wells/Aysha Perrin); Court 2: Division 3 Tiger Magic V Snowy Owls (Kieara Clarke/Sophie Ciganek); Court 3: Division 1 Cramptons 17’s V Bowlie (Gemma Delany/Taylor Gorman).

2.30pm: Court 1: Division 2 The Chalkies V Batlow RSL (Anna Smart/Mahala O’Connell); Court 3: Division 1 DME 15s V The Dividers (Brie McDonald/Jodie Hamilton).

Bye teams: Elliotts 11s (Division 4) and Carve It Up (Division 1)

Canteen Roster

9.30am: Strikers

10.30am: Live Wires

11.30am: Tiger Cubs

12.30pm: Little Possums

1.30pm: Talent Time

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